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Hva sier andre om oss?

Five months ago I felt very scared, uncertain and continually sad I could not sleep during night , was lying awake and was having disturbing thoughts and chatter that would not stop making me very tired and exhausted during day time. Following my therapy with Ann-Brit I am a total different person. Being able to open up and talk aloud about my thoughts and feelings have given me so much ! I feel glad, I sleep during night and I feel much lighter inside. I have found back to myself again . It`s also safe to know that if things become difficult again I can always come back.”

Young woman 19 years , Oslo

During councelling with Ann-Brit I came to understand that I in fact have the right to feel what I feel .This has made me more clear and also in relation to my husband and other people. I now see clearly the part I have played and we are now talking much better with each other and I see hope for our marriage .Thank you very much Ann-Brit!”

Woman 40 years old Oslo

Following a marriage break-up I experienced the ground under my feet disappearing . I was weighted down by a sack of feelings like longing,sadness,bitterness,anger,and hopelessness . Already during my first session with Ann-Brit I felt some of the weight and heavyness disappear. She helped me loosen up i n the tight knot of emotions feelings which I was trapped inside. In addition she gave me the support I needed to find back to my self confidence / safety within myself in myself /tryggheten i meg selv . Thanks to Ann-Brits help, I am today a more confident person with better self insight / awareness and a greater trust to life. Thousen thank you !

Woman 34 years Oslo

Ann-Brit has a natural ability to help me relax and just be myself …There seem to be no expectations about being or feeling anything but what I in fact feel ….

Anne 38 years , Oslo

Ann-Brit , You are such a person who fills other people up with energy ! But I assume you must fill up yourself sometime….?

Male 70 years , Oslo

”I don`t know what she is doing but I am resting so well when I am receiving massage treatment from AB .My body and expecially my throat ,feels like healing and like I m being filled up of energy and vitality. This is a kind of massage different to any massage I have had before . I feel more in flow and experience more peace and calm .I feel more present following the massage and know what I want to do. The treatment has been very important in relation to launching of my video 3 in `The new way of selling ` If you saw my launching 3.rd-17th January you probably noticed the difference between video 1 and 3.”

Michael Stenshagen, Pull Sale Private Practise & Scandia

It`s not all therapists it`s easy to feel trust with and open up for and show my vulnerability for .With Ann-Brit this felt simple and easy I made 3 miles steps within few weeks and thereby possibly also saving my marriage ….

Kåre 35 years Oslo

It gives me a lot to come and speak with you Ann-Brit You are a person I can trust, and who listens to what I have to say . I can discuss and reflect together with you and you understand more than `ordinary `people. Together with you I can throw off my mask `and I can show I am vulnerable.I dare to think aloud with you and you help me understand things better. You also make me feel I am valuable and that my thoughts and meanings are important. You have also helped me become calmer and more peaceful within myself.

Woman social worker 60 years old Oslo

I am so greatful for these two treatments you have given me the last week. I feel a greater inner peace and it is sooooo good . I don`t need anymore in a way My body feels so good now. It`s hard to describe what I experienced in treatment with you but I will try .It is like you cared for my body in a way my body enjoyed .I got my tempo down , my body got necessary and needed rest and I got into harmony with myself . It also looks like this has helped me in presenting a video I did this week . I got more vital energy and at the same time more stillness,peace calm.

Michael Stenshagen Pull Sale/Private Business

”It`s the first time in my life I have been met by someone ; ie I now understand the true meaning of being met . I felt seen and understood and a genuine interest in me and what I was struggling with . Ann-Brit helped me find the best version of my self and I am her forever greatful !”

Male student 24 years Oslo

” Just by talking to you I feel you have what is needed to help me avoid becoming burnt out again . ”

Woman 38 Oslo

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